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Musical birthday candle. Musical led birthday candles flower. Football cup soccer candle - rotating musical candle - party cake birthday candle. Flashing number birthday candle. Birthday cake firework candle. Have a Question? Ask our expert. Speak your question. These products are available in eye-catchy patterns and elegant designs. These photoframes are light in weight hence are excellent for carrying in bags for small kids as well. All these products are available in safe and exclusive packing.

Features Attractive Reliable Versatile. This molded wax candle is shaped like the number six with a fun twist: it's covered in bright green glitter! Let it stand alone or mix and match with other number candles for a customized age, anniversary or year. Gurgaon, Haryana Verified Supplier Call Mumbai, Maharashtra Verified Supplier Call Darsh Traders Sector 4, Noida, Dist. We are presenting these products to customers within given time-frame.

Giant Glitter Pink Number 0 Birthday Candle 2 3/4in x 5 1/4in | Party City

Bhavnagar, Gujarat Verified Supplier Call Watch related videos. Thank You. We will review and answer your question shortly. Results With Price. Stock: 5 Code: Number 1 Candle Set. Number 2 Candle Set. Number 3 Candle Set. Number 4 Candle Set.

Number 5 Candle Set. Number 6 Candle Set. Number 7 Candle Set. Number 8 Candle Set.

Number 9 Candle Set. Number 0 Candle Set. Stock: 1 Code: Pink Number 1 Candle. Pink Number 2 Candle.


Pink Number 4 Candle. Pink Number 5 Candle. Pink Number 6 Candle. Pink Number 7 Candle. Pink Number 8 Candle. Pink Number 9 Candle. Pink Number 0 Candle.

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Pink Age 16 Candle. Pink Age 30 Candle. Blue Number 1 Candle. Blue Number 2 Candle.

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Blue Number 3 Candle. Blue Number 4 Candle. Blue Number 5 Candle. Blue Number 6 Candle. Blue Number 7 Candle. Blue Number 8 Candle. Blue Number 9 Candle. Blue Number 0 Candle. Blue Age 65 Candle.

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Blue Age 70 Candle. Blue Age 80 Candle. Number 0 Candle 6s. Number 1 Candle 6s. Number 2 Candle 6s. Number 3 Candle 6s. Number 4 Candle 6s.

1St Birthday - Theme Candles

Number 6 Candle 6s. Number 7 Candle 6s. Number 5 Candle 6s. Number 8 Candle 6s. Number 9 Candle 6s.

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Extended licenses. He tries to call her, only to get tongue-tied when her grandparents answer instead. Number 65 celebration candle with confetti Celebration Candle. Environmental Handling Fee? Will be using them again for sure. Light gray background with copy space Eighty six years anniversary.

Candles Number 0 6s. Candles Number 1 6s. Candles Number 2 6s. Candles Number 3 6s. Candles Number 4 6s. Candles Number 5 6s. Candles Number 6 6s. Candles Number 7 6s. Candles Number 8 6s. Candles Number 9 6s. Milestone Candle Number13 6s. Milestone Candle Number18 6s. Milestone Candle Number21 6s. Milestone Candle Number30 6s. After a few seconds, the football pops open revealing the candles and slowly starts to spin. While the candle is turning it also plays the Happy Birthday song. Each of the individual candles is attached to a wide holder which will catch the dripping wax, keeping it off of the cake.

When the musical candle is open it is approximately 7 inch diameter x 4. The candle has a wide plastic foot so it will easily sit on top of a cake. Because of the way these musical birthday candles are designed to work, they can only be used one time. This unique candle has been approved by the FDA for use with food. Fragrance Description unscented, fragrance free. Features: Burn Time: 3 - 5 minutes Dimensions: 7 in. Ask a question about this product.

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