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They are not easy for people to understand them. Their taste in women, just as with everything else, can often be weird and uncommon. They are highly intelligent and have a lot of interests, and they are most attracted to women who have similar traits. If a woman happens to share some or most of his interests, she has a good chance of winning his heart.

Even if she wins his heart it might take a while for him to realize that, and make a move towards commitment. These men can appear superficial at times, but they are capable of deep and committed friendships which last a long time. Although they love changes and new things, they are a fixed sign, which sometimes might make them reluctant to make the first move towards change. They are also a big technology fan, and tend to follow all the latest trends. These men often have professions in the IT industry or some similar field, where their intelligence finds its best application.

They are not overly passionate and are stimulated mostly by clever talks and women who have a lot of knowledge on various subjects and have what to say. If a girl is only beautiful and that is her only asset, they quickly get bored and disappear. A woman should possess a lot more qualities than good looks to impress this man, who is not into physical as much as he is into intellectual attractiveness. When they find the woman they fall in love with, these men are capable of deep commitment and loyalty.

They are not possessive and jealous, and allow a great amount of freedom to their women, and they require the same in return.

Zodiac Sign Aries Love Match – The Ram in Relationships

Lack of trust is something that is a treat to this relationship, and a woman who is interested in this man should always be aware of that fact. The Aries woman has a powerful will and a strong personality. This woman is not easily distracted from her path. When she makes up her mind about something, it is a matter of time when she will accomplish it. Like the Aries man, the Aries woman is very determined and persistent.

Instead, difficulties seem to make their will to succeed even stronger. These women are super-confident and often very direct. They can be quite bossy as well. It offends their masculinity and makes them lift their guards and defend themselves. This is something these women should work on if they want to maintain their relationships with other people, especially the men they care about. An Aries woman is often very self-absorbed and has a high opinion of her values. She often behaves as she is the smartest one and knows all the answers.

But they love bragging to everyone when they are right about something. One of the main issues with their personalities is their ego, and some of these women have an enormous ego. These women often have erupting temperaments and they have difficulty controlling their reactions. Aside from their somewhat aggressive personalities, these women have good souls and kind hearts, and are ready to help anyone. They are not the rebellious ones but have the courage to go follow their dreams. Aries boy are at times very outragious just till the time their needs are fulfilled and they stick to their demands.

As their parents, you might face a hard time making them realize the wrongs and rights. They have a leadership quality which assures their future and they are destined to bring glory. Star sign Aries believe in group friendship. The more friends around pleases them.

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Despite everyone with opposite traits they easily fit in with everyone and are usually considered to be the bonding one in the group. They love to set an inspiration for everyone and their friends love to follow Arians lead. As these individuals have the immense energy to maintain a healthy friendship others have to also show the same amount of excitement towards adventure.

They are the least sensitive ones in the group so, at times of emotional breakdown, you can never go to them. But if they know the worth of a friend the bond becomes rock solid and the friendship lasts for life. The individuals born under this sun sign are very flirtatious and they do not hesitate to approach the one who caught their eyes. They are straightforward even in the field of relationship.

If you continuously hide your viewpoint and agree with them they might easily get bored. They live their lives with a lot of energy and expect the same with their beloved ones. They love to dominate in their relationship also. You cannot be monotonous being with an Arian as they like to dedicate their energies to new things.

It is little difficult to build a bond with them but ones they start trusting and relying on you, they maintain their loyalty and commit with all their heart. As the words suggests , Sun sign is divided further into 10 days known as a decan. According to the decan, set of planets are attached which govern Aries Strength and behaviour.

Read further to find your decan and how it defines your personality. INdividuals born under this decan are spontaneous and impatient. They may get ill between the age of years. The 28th year is very important in their respective lives. They are courageous and are initiators of all actions around them. They should learn to keep their tongue and aggressive behavior in control.

The planetary ruler of people under this decan is the Sun. Arians under it are very creative and constructive. People are very fortunate to be born under these 10 days. They are very kind hearted and are a born leader with a lot of courage to follow their passion. They have immense energy and work hard to achieve their goals. They work continuously until they get what they desire. With a good sense of humor and ability to make fun of themselves they are sometimes fun to be around.

They are attention seekers and have potential to be a center of everything. They are keen learners and highly motivated individuals. They enjoy being with others and enjoy a good intellect conversation. These aries eminent personalities make them cherish happy moments of life and also makes them reliable and trustworthy. Being an arian , their love for adventure is noteworthy. They are always ready to help others in the time of need and are always there for the loved ones. They have immense thirst for knowledge.

Being a good learner enhances their leadership quality. Aries Weaknesses is that they usually end up creating a diferent world around them like to live in it and create unrealistic expectations from others as well. As leadership one of your Aries characteristics, you enjoy being stage-centered. As an individual under The Warrior sign, you love to be in charge of everything. You love to take the risk and possess optimistic approach towards everything. Working under someone is not your cup-of-tea. You like to take command of everything. It all comes from your ruler mars.

You love to take any chance that flaunts your being-in charge-of-almost-everything trait. This character of yours usually turns out to be a major pitfall on the job as because of your being a solo star attitude you end up working alone with you handling all the work single-handedly. Fire being their element, whenever you face adversary or hardship the element takes control of you.

You utilize this type of opportunity to showcase all your characteristic traits like leadership, Optimism, inspirational attitude with the warrior like thinking. Being competitive and boastful you love to play games provided the game should always be fair and malice-free, as you can be blatant or fiery sometimes but can never tolerate the unfair behavior. This makes you very attractive and famous among your known and loved ones. You are adventure lover.

Despite being self-centered, self-absorbed, impulsive babe your love towards life, the optimistic behavior and to live the life to its fullest hides all your negative traits making you a lovable individual. You are good at winning the admirers. The neonate Arians never trust the world without experiencing it first handed.

You have overwhelming innocence and trust in the goodness of world which makes you adorable as a person. You consider love to be a necessity of life and never hesitate in demanding love. You consider love as a magic potion. Aries in love completely forget everything in this magical feeling. You may act as dominating individual but the least you want is a submissive partner. They love to pamper their beloved with extravagant gifts as it makes them have a feeling of accomplishment. Because of Aries horoscope love inherited from your sign you are bound to be dependent on your partner.

One of your quality or rather traits is being macho and possessive. You try to guard your partner and fulfill all their needs and demands with all due respect. If you are neglected by someone you cry or shout or start throwing tantrums but if you are not happy in a relationship you may turn out to be the disloyal partner. Being a leader always they love to know if someone is a strong follower of them. Come to them as a follower. Let them enjoy their personal space and approach them with the same zeal towards life as them.

Aries & Leo: Love Compatibility

They have the reserve of energy that never depletes so you should let them know that you love their energetic attitude and love for adventure. They love compliments so try to admire them. Unlike any other zodiac sign, they are the ones with the utmost need of admiration and compliments. They are mentally strong individual so try to have a debate on intellectual topics. They hate dull things around them. Ask for their advice on intelligent and lively topics as they love challenges.

Do not agree with everything they say, try to question things. Try to engage yourself in healthy debates and keep the conversation lively as they easily get bored if you keep your point of view to yourself. They love to give orders and hate to take one so try to avoid giving orders to them. Diseases of the eyes and ears are common, and sometimes women can suffer from alopecia or thinning hair.

Migraines, cluster headaches, and brain disorders are sometimes possible. Conditions related to gum disease, tooth pain, and sinusitis are also common. The Aries Woman is ambitious and dedicated to the jobs they work. Aries women are creative creatures, they come up with innovative methods for making a job go smoothly. The occupations that Aries women excel in include those that gain attention or those involving action. Aries women might find excitement working as a security guard or police officer.

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of fresh air. Learn all about the personality traits & love life of the Aries Woman today. Check your love compatibility with Aries. Aries rules. Aries woman is independent, full of energy and always ready to take initiative. Aries sign - traits, horoscope, personality, dates, characteristics and Aries compatibility - the compatibility of aries with the other astrological signs in love, sex.

They also excel in the military, and they do well in the advertising and media sectors. If you put the Aries Woman in a role where she must follow, it will hinder her creative expression. It can also lead to future resentment or a sense of being held back. Aries is ambitious so making money is not an issue, but they are also so adventurous and big risk takers.

The Remarkable Aries Woman Personality

If lucky, the Aries Woman might find a good broker and end up risking and winning big on the stock market. Otherwise, it is likely the Aries Woman is an excellent and dedicated worker. She will put away money in savings for a time when she might require financial support. Or, she might when out of balance, become a spendthrift or even a gambler.

The chances of finding great interest in gambling will increase if she wins a bit of money at a casino. Attracting the Aries Woman takes a bit of work, but if you know the secrets to do so, you are far more likely to have success at gaining her attention. She wants to be the center of all recognition, so let her be the boss. Want to go out on a date?

Ask her what she wants to do and where she wants to go.

She likes taking the lead and will be happy you let her do so. Now, when you do ask her out, it is no time to pussyfoot around! Be direct, approach her, and layout your question on the table for her consideration. No passion and your Aries Woman is out! Remain genuine and truthful with your Aries Woman if you want to keep her. Sometimes, she might pick up and move to more fruitful pastures if it seems her love life is going to waste for any reason.

Aries Woman is all about fun, excitement, adventure, and they love a good adrenaline rush! Rock climbing, parachuting, hang gliding, and tennis, are sure to interest the Aries woman. Racing, motorcycle riding through the back roads, surfing the big waves of the ocean, and skiing the biggest mountains ring of adventure for her too.

Bungee jumping from the tallest bridge or structure—this and anything involving risks appeals to the daring Aries Woman. Things that include competition, games, sports, and even if only in a social setting amongst friends, she will still love the competitive nature of games. She also has little patience for relationships that are fulfilling in every regard except sexually.

If the passion disappears, so does the Aries Woman. This woman can be impatient, stubborn, and sometimes jealous.